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Excellence in CBT Training since 2003

Excellence in CBT Training since 2003


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“I had an excellent experience on the IAPT training at Royal Holloway. Overall, the course is taught by clinicians for clinicians and has a very practical feel with lots of great tips and strategies. The course team are friendly and approachable. Supervision was supportive and helpful. The coursework requirements are quite intense and that can be really stressful. But the course seems organised to make it as simple as possible - there is nothing that's not absolutely necessary for BABCP accreditation and other paperwork is boiled down to a minimum. Overall, I can highly recommend it.”

K. Clinical Psychologist
“My experience of The Diploma has been very positive. I found it to be very well organised and the delivery excellent. The speakers were inspirational. Not only does the Course
effectively present the basics of CBT but it very successfully nurtured my development by then presenting CBT for a broad range of mental health difficulties. To date this Course has proved invaluable to my clinical practice. I would not hesitate to recommend this Course to anyone starting out in CBT or additionally looking to develop their knowledge and skill further, acquiring a formal BABCP accredited qualification. Good Luck!”

A. Clinical Psychologist
“The CBT Post Graduate Diploma Course at CNWL has been truly comprehensive. This Course has helped me gain my accreditation with BABCP and further my teaching career. Today I am passing on the CBT tradition to other schools. The Course leaders and supervisors were always supportive and understanding when it came to students’ particular difficulties with case work which makes studying (for the employed student) so much easier. Well done CNWL!”

A. Nurse and CBT Therapist
“The Diploma Course offers medical doctors the opportunity to view mental disorders from a model distinct from the medical one; yet not so different as to be opposed and this broader perspective lends a depth to one’s practice that is further developed through the core principles of collaborative, guided discovery that may challenge the position that the doctor traditionally holds in relation to the patient. I would recommend this experience very highly and am grateful to our mentors on the Course for forever changing the view I have of myself as a healer, the view I have of the client and for giving me the tools to share with them on their journey to wellness.”

Dr L. Psychiatrist
“I felt privileged to be on this course (Post Graduate Diploma in CBT). It was an extremely rewarding and transformative learning experience for me. As the only medical doctor I felt welcomed and accepted. The teaching was generally excellent and we had several distinguished teachers sharing their expertise. I started low down on the learning curve, but became more confident as the course went on, acquiring new knowledge and skills, as well as a more collaborative and enabling way of interacting with individuals suffering from mental health problems. In my opinion it was undoubtedly worthwhile and I very much miss not being on the course any longer!”

Dr P. General Practitioner
“The CBT diploma course has been both challenging and rewarding. It has successfully related theory to practice in a meaningful way, encouraging continuous reflection, evaluation and improvement in my clinical work. The course is well structured and the lectures and supervisors have ensured the course is supportive, purposeful, challenging and stimulating, offering the best possible grounding in building and developing a new career in this fascinating field.”

G...High Intensity Trainee

The Central London CBT Training Centre has over a 10 year history of providing high quality accredited training. The core purpose of the Central London CBT Training Centre is to provide you with High Quality Professional Training that will ensure that you are able to offer your clients the most up to date evidence based psychological interventions for a wide range of presenting difficulties. In addition our key values as a Training programme are:

Our core staff are all experienced therapists, trainers and supervisors. They all have in depth clinical experience in a wide range of practice settings and understand the realities of providing the highest quality of psychological interventions in real world services. Our staff are all accredited as CBT therapists with the BABCP. In addition we have many visiting trainers on our programmes who are nationally and internationally recognised leaders and innovators in CBT.

Our two post graduate diplomas are academically validated by Royal Holloway University of London and have been accredited by the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies at Level 2. This means that successful completion of our programmes ensures that you have met the training standards required to be an accredited CBT therapist. In addition to our main training programmes, we offer a range of innovative courses aimed at both beginners and advanced practitioners.

If you are taking your first steps in CBT and need a solid foundation level training you will be interested in our Certificate in CBT Skills. This is a new programme that meets a growing need for an introductory level training. This programme can provide you with that necessary first step in CBT training and serve as a platform for seeking more advanced clinical training.

If you are already an accredited CBT practitioner you will be interested in our Post Qualification Certificate in CBT Supervision. The practice of CBT Supervision is increasingly recognised as an advanced rea of professional practice in its own right and this course prepares individuals to practice CBT supervision form a theoretically and empirically informed standpoint. It can provide you with the needed professional training to seek individual accreditation as a CBT Supervisor with the BABCP.

Again, if you are already an accredited CBT therapist, you will be interested in our Post Qualification Training in Behavioural Couples Therapy. CBT Couples therapy is a growing field in the UK and increasing numbers of therapists are being trainees as part of the IAPT programme. Adding skills in couple therapy significantly enhances the range of evidence based interventions you are able to offer your clients

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need further information about any of our courses and we look forward to working with you!

Dr Michael Worrell Director of London CBT Training Centre